Monday, May 23, 2005

Le weekend

The thing about working full-time is that when the weekend comes around, I just don't feel like tackling the chores that need to be done (see previous entry). Last week's work ended with finishing a very detailed assignment that required intense concentration but not much intellectual output. So, the weekend was spent relaxing and refilling the brain.

Friday night I spent five hours watching Pride and Prejudice. I now understand Colin Firth obsessions!

Saturday I went bookshopping bookstoring, a most excellent activity for which I now have a verb, thanks to an essay in one of the books I checked out at the library stop—Lost Classics. [Edit: I had a feeling "bookshopping" wasn't quite right but didn't have the book with me to check. Now that I'm home, here's the quote: "If you live where I do, you go bookstoring the way others go hunting or clubbing: hopeful, wondering if you can still get lucky." From "They Feed They Lion—Philip Levine" by Michael Helm, p. 79, in Lost Classics.]

Saturday evening and Sunday morning I put together a lesson on the history of the formulation of the doctrine of the Trinity for a Trinity Sunday adult class.

Then Sunday afternoon and evening, I read more than half of a book loaned to me by a friend called Love at Goon Park: Harry Harlow and the Science of Affection, by Deborah Blum. It is a fascinating history around the famous terry cloth and wire monkey mother experiments that "proved" the importance of a mother's affection and interaction with her baby.

Well, lunch has ended, so back to work....

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