Thursday, May 19, 2005


It's come to that point again—many things to do and think about and a sense of not tackling any of them head on. Writing lists here has been helpful in the past, so I'll try it once again.
  • Write up entry on presence, Ascension, and Pentecost
  • Decide how to tackle house (once again)
  • Get more sleep—darken third window in bedroom
  • Plan out Adult Forum sessions
  • Bring more of my own food to work
  • Order more wool from Elann to finish shawl
  • Other projects
  • Type up minutes
  • Write up copyright procedures
  • Go walking
  • Dust off bicycle, which leads to...
  • Clean out the garage again
  • Repot plants
  • Finish writing very overdue thank you notes
  • Make appointment for smog check and renew tabs
  • Get school district information for friend
  • Mail DVDs
  • Send note re: study guide
  • Contact person re: event
OK. That's enough for now. But it all goes back to item three: GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Now I need to go buy cat food and milk at the store.

[Edit: I'm adding things to the list as they occur to me.]

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