Friday, July 01, 2005


For some reason, July seems much closer to the calendar year-end than does June. June 30 to July 1. But tonight has that expansive feeling to it—it's the beginning of summer (and the improved commute season because schools are out), and it's the Friday night beginning a three-day weekend (and we got out of work about 45 minutes early—not much, but enough).

I washed two stacked dish racks' worth of dishes last night; did a load of laundry this morning that was well dried by this evening; pressure-cooked a batch of brown rice and then made a savory rice dish from the recipe on the Sunmaid raisin can as well as a huge salad; washed tonight's dishes; caught most of the NewsHour's report on Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement from the Supreme Court; scanned a few weblogs; and typed up this entry for the annals of everyday life.

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