Saturday, December 01, 2001

I booted up the computer to do some writing for Wednesday's lecture, but, by force of habit, double-clicked on the Netscape icon and decided to write something here first. I've been neglecting posting thoughts and/or my activities recently. It's not that I have forgotten about it, it just seems I don't have much to say/write. So here is a random record of the past few days.

Last night I watched The Sound of Music on TV. I realized I've only seen the movie maybe two times before. I'm very familiar with the songs--we had a reel-to-reel tape recording of the album when I was growing up, and I've played the songs on the piano. But I had not remembered how spectacular the scenery is. (My aunt saw the movie being filmed on location in Austria while she was traveling in Europe.) I had an unexplainably unhappy day yesterday, and the movie was the perfect antidote.

On Thursday it rained heavily in the morning, and it was my turn to drive everyone to work. Thankfully we managed to avoid the inevitable freeway accidents.

Probably because I have the lecture to prepare, I've been wanting to spend time doing things (or at least thinking about doing things) for the Christmas holidays. I went to Sur La Table to buy a flour sifter and a few more cookie cutters. (I went to Target first, but their flour sifters were all Made in China. So I went to Sur La Table, where all the sifters were Made in China, except the most expensive one, which was Made in Taiwan. So I ended up with a heavy duty Made in China flour sifter. I try to avoid Made in China, but it's becoming more difficult. Then I think, I need to investigate more fully why I try to avoid Made in China. How founded are the accusations of human rights' abuses; low factory wages; environmental degradation? Even if well-founded, what about Made in Indonesia, Thailand, etc.?)

Then I went to the nearby public library and checked out some books on Christmas crafts and foods. Most of the books are circa 1980, although I did find Martha Stewart's 1999 Christmas book. The older books have some good ideas hidden amongst the (now) hilarious late 1970s fashions--think of a man with longish hair and sideburns wearing a wide tie appliquéd with a nature scene. I've marked a few pages to photocopy; we'll see if I ever actually do any of the projects.

This is the first December in three years I don't have papers or exams due. Once the lecture's done, I'm finished. The professor told me I don't even have to grade the class's papers or final exams. Of course, I have my three PAPERS hanging over my head, but, with no absolute deadline, why should I fret?

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