Friday, December 07, 2001

Today was a beautiful, 80°-weather day. I sat outside on my porch to eat my lunch.

The lecture Wednesday night went OK, although I wasn't as happy with it as with the first two. I tried to force too much information into too little time for a very tired class with end-of-the-semester papers and exams weighing upon them.

Thursday I went to work--end of the month reports are due. Then I came home and crashed. I watched The Rockford Files and then part of a Banacek episode before going to bed and sleeping 12 hours. Today I did errands and browsing--grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and browsing at Stats, a Christmas superstore. The store covers a whole block and is jammed with everything to do with Christmas, including craft stuff, year 'round. I only bought a few ink pads for the potato stamps I think I'm going to carve in order to decorate brown paper wrapping paper.

I just finished making Susie's mother-in-law's enchilada recipe with (some) of my leftover Thanksgiving turkey. It was very tasty! I liked the contrast of the spicy tomato sauce with the mild sour cream turkey filling. I sprinkled fresh green cilantro on top of the red tomato sauce instead of oregano, which made the dish look festive.

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