Friday, December 21, 2001

Written earlier at work and e-mailed home: Today everyone is giving cards and presents to co-workers, supervisors, and employees. There are various potlucks happening around the building, too. (My boss's boss just stopped by my desk as I was typing this, in Word, not directly in Blogger, thank goodness. But I'm not sure whether or not he could read what I had typed from where he was standing. The privacy/anti-glare screens only work from certain angles. [Edit] I checked later and my secret is safe. Even if he could see the screen, the type is too small to read at that distance.) I just sent off a very boring report I had to research.

My department banded together and bought the new translation of The Tale of Genji for my boss. (See an excerpt of a review from an earlier post.) Of course, she'd already read the novel and owns an earlier translation, but she seemed pleased to receive the new edition. It is two hardcover, cloth-bound volumes in a slip case--a beautiful edition.

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