Tuesday, July 15, 2003

But it's supposed to be a dry heat

It has been hot and humid the last couple of days. Thankfully, it still cools down somewhat at night. I'm certainly appreciating the ceiling fan the landlords installed in the bedroom a few months ago.

Everything is busy, busy. I'm getting some expert help on organizing and rearranging my rather overwhelmingly disordered house, so that feels much better. Yesterday we tackled the kitchen. I love counter space. . . .

At work our department is undergoing an (internal) audit. I've never gone through such a thing, but it is a sign of how much our company has grown, as well as the stepped up scrutiny of corporations generally. Although our company's business is highly regulated, what our department does is much more strategic and project-based than many of the other departments in the company. Also, we are very small and used to operating via a lot of informal communication and keeping tabs on projects rather than formally documenting every step via detailed plans, checklists, reports, etc. But it looks like we might have to start doing more of that. And maybe I can learn from all this and create some sort of tracking mechanism to keep tabs on my progress in my studies. . . .

Tomorrow I'm cooking for the weekly church dinner. I'm planning to make Caribbean black beans and Spanish rice (recipes from the Moosewood Restaurant Cooks for a Crowd book), served with orange slices and fresh organic salad from the Path to Freedom family. Ice cream cones might be good for dessert (especially because it's hot and ice cream cones don't create more dishes to wash or dispose of).

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