Monday, July 28, 2003

Ordering your study world

In the tiny corner of the http://www. world I inhabit, I've noticed I'm not the only one on a cleaning/organizing/redoing binge. Joseph Duemer has refurbished his writing room. And Melissa at Pioneer woman with cell phone is redecorating both her daughters' rooms. [Edit 8/5/03: Lisa B-K over at madame insane tackled her house—complete with before and after pictures.]

My progress so far (with excellent help!):
  • kitchen cleaned, de-cluttered, and re-organized
  • garage cleaned, organized, and containerized
  • stuff on bedroom floor picked up
  • almost all books either on bookshelves or in boxes in garage
  • entire house vacuumed and kitchen floor washed
  • refrigerator cleaned
Next projects:
  • clean papers and junk off desk and table
  • find and install shelving in kitchen to clear off counters more
  • make final decision to move study area from living/dining room to curtained-off area of bedroom
  • move piano from bedroom to living room
  • move desk and computer to bedroom/study
  • string up curtain to divide bedroom into sleeping and study areas
  • buy one more large (72" inch high) bookcase and move into bedroom/study
  • organize books into various bookcases
  • sort bags and boxes of papers
Breaking news: It's raining!! Of course, I just washed my car this morning, but I am not going to complain about rain in July!

Back to main topic. As Joseph Duemer put it:
A good deal of physical effort went into redoing the room; I hope for equal intellectual energy going forward.

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