Sunday, February 01, 2004

Viking inspired

For fans of Elsebeth Lavold who've not yet seen her newish book Designer's Choice (The Viking Knits Collection: Book One), pictures of the sweaters may be seen along with kits for purchase at FuzzyMabel. (I don't know anything about the company; I linked to them because of the pictures. The prices seem comparable to the few other sites I checked for Lavold's Silky Wool yarn, though.)

I really like the patterns in Lavold's book Viking Patterns for Knitting too, but her new collection is more wearable here in Southern California.

[Update: I clicked on the errata page for the new book and realized I had seen the information about Lavold earlier in a newsletter from ThreadBear, which I forgot until I saw the page again. So this is probably old news to at least those who keep up in the knitting world.]

[Update 2: I just saw on the tag board at Rob of ThreadBear's site that Lavold has Book Two coming out in a month or so.]

[Update 3: Now I just came across an entry at BoogaJ. Julie started working in Liv earlier this month.]

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