Saturday, February 14, 2004

Wool find

On my way back from the Farmer's Market this morning, I stopped by a thrift shop that has a nice section of linens and yarn. I found a dozen 2 oz. skeins of Columbia-Minerva Lustra-Sparkletone in black, 50% rayon and 50% wool, with a gauge of 5 stitches to the inch on size 5 needles. There are also three skeins in "Tuscan Rose" color. Price: 50 cents each.

Then I found ten hanks of Rygja wool, 100 grams/280 yards, in a natural, off-white color for 75 cents each. The wool smells a little stale as though the lanolin is rancid, but I think it can be resuscitated. At the price of what I'd pay for one new ball of wool, it's worth a try! It might also be fun to experiment dyeing some of it.

From the label:

"The Natural Yarn"
Homespun in Norway
From the wool of the sturdy Norwegian mountain sheep!

This unbleached yarn is popular with the women of Norway who knit sweaters for their men that will protect them while fishing on the high seas or skiing in the mountains.

The women of Norway enjoy knitting with this "Natural Yarn", and so will you! Their men like to wear their sweaters and so will yours.

But, as Theresa at Bagatell warns in her Feb. 12 post, make sure the man is "yours" before knitting for him! In case not, just "Slip that sweater on over his head before he manages to say a word!"

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Jean Gordon said...

What did you do with your Black Columbia Minerva Sparkletone yarn. I've been looking for black for about 8 or 9 years and so far no luck. I've managed to collect almost all the skeins I need to make a rug I've been dragging around for years (and my mother for many years before that)...but I've yet to find black. Sigh.....
nmroadrunner @ comcast . net