Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Go read, and weigh in

In her most recent post, Leah at Struggle in a Bungalow Kitchen is trying to get to the bottom of a sense of discontent:
I have admitted on these electronic pages that an underlying resentment niggles at me and I have always been hard-pressed, (out of laziness? ineptiutde? lack of perspective? too much perspective?), to identify it, thereby relegating it unintentionally to the odious classification of “problem with no name”. I suppose one could call it a “malaise” but that is as lazy and hazy as the word itself. And if the cure for modern malaise is popping a Prozac, I’m having none of it. It would seem to me a better cure would be to 1) understand the cause of my discontent 2) give the cause a name, and 3) overcome it, insofar as I am able.
I think there are other angles to the restlessness with which Leah wrestles but probably a common impulse. I look forward to the discussion I hope develops in her comment box.

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