Saturday, June 19, 2004

Saturday morning

It is very overcast and downright chilly this morning. I wandered around the Farmer's Market; ran into a bunch of Lutherans I know; and bought honey dates, chard, and red Russian potatoes. (My orange supplier has not been at the market for the last two weeks, and I am having citrus withdrawals.)

Driving home I stopped by a church yard sale being held at one of the lovely mansions that lines Orange Grove Boulevard. I found a tatted doily and a large table cloth from Greece. I'm going to use the table cloth as a door between my entrance/dining room/living room and the kitchen. The cloth is a heavy off-white muslin decorated with white brocaded patterns. It will be a lot easier to work with than the flimsy rayon material I bought a while back for the same purpose and will look more elegant.

It's definitely the sort of day to spend lazily around the house, but with all the plumbing work going on around here, I think I might take off again.

[Edit 6/23/04 Grammatical question: Is it "one of the lovely mansions that lines Orange Grove Boulevard," what I originally wrote, or "one of the lovely mansions that line Orange Grove Boulevard"? I think it's "one...that lines" but maybe it should be "mansions that line." Maybe I should just write "one of the lovely mansions lining/along Orange Grove Boulevard."]

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