Friday, June 18, 2004

Plumbing, cont.

Yesterday they removed the old tub and surrounding wall board. Today they repaired the floor, put in the new tub, and started tiling. The plumber comes tomorrow to plumb the tub, and then the other crew will continue to work on patching the walls.

When I got home this evening, everything was covered in a layer of fine dust. I'd covered some things previously when they drilled through the bedroom wall to get to the kitchen plumbing, but today's work affected the whole house. I keep vacuuming, but I think I'll be breathing fine particles for a while.

The bedroom is piled with stuff all draped in sheets: books, the contents of my clothes closet, the piano. The futon is folded up to make room for the closet contents, so I'm sleeping on the couch. I tried sleeping in the bedroom last night (before folding up the futon) but creeped myself out by imagining what might crawl up from under the house through the hole in the floor and wall between the bathroom and the bedroom closet.

The bathroom door is off its hinges, so things definitely feel in a state of flux around here. I am resolved though, that as I put things back in order once all the remodeling is completed, to weed stuff out and only put back what fits. I asked the landlord to put up a couple shelves on a blank wall in the kitchen, which he is going to try to do. So I might finally get some more storage space in the kitchen, as recommended by a number of people who've seen my kitchen.

June is the perfect month to do construction work in California. It's not rainy (usually), and it's generally overcast and relatively cool.

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