Saturday, September 29, 2001

I realized almost all the pictures on this roll of film are of my cats sleeping. So I still have to scan some really good ones of them awake. However, here are couple for now.

These cats belonged to the people who lived in the other half of my duplex. When they moved away about about eight months after I moved in, due to various circumstances, the cats ended up at the local humane society. Per chance, the children who used to visit on the weekends but lived with their dad in another city, happened to come to the humane society on a field trip and saw their cats. Immediate meltdown. I was contacted and agreed to take at least one of the cats. I was only going to take Loretta because she used to come around to my back door occasionally, although neither of them would let me pet them. I'm a grad. student and wasn't sure about having the responsibility for cats, especially if I might need to move. Also I wasn't too keen to have cats in my house. But when I went to the humane society to see them, Leo began meowing at me, and I had to take him, too. So now I have two cats.

Loretta is the hunter (therefore, she wears a bell in an attempt to protect the birds). When she does catch something, she very conveniently dines in the bathtub, which makes cleaning up quite easy. You just have to check behind the shower curtain before turning on the shower. She was a stray before being adopted so is still a little skittish. She is quietly affectionate but not cuddly.

Leo, on the other hand, is loud, opinionated, and very affectionate. Here he is outside the screen door pawing on it to let me know he wants in. The two of them generally get along, although Leo plays a bit rough sometimes. They are good companions and keep me amused.

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