Friday, September 07, 2001

It seems as though I've just been skimming along, not dipping too deeply beneath the surface and, therefore, not finding much to write about.

Today and this evening were a little chilly; I had to close my front and back doors a couple hours ago.

Work was productive today. Financial reports are due next week. I helped figure out some puzzling customer data. I visited a women's clothing consignment store around the corner from where I work. I bought a scarf and a hat. I need to vary my sentence structure. Since I'm on the subject of work, here's a definition of "adaptibility to change" from a corporate memo: "Being proactive in reacting quickly and effectively...." Academia is not much better with words like "disambiguate."

I'm beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by everything I need to do in the next months, starting tomorrow with:
  • laundry
  • women's Bible study
  • pick up bulletins for English and Spanish services on Sunday
  • prepare music for Sunday
  • clean up my kitchen
  • buy cream cheese and sour cream to try pressure cooker cheese cake recipe
  • buy saline solution
  • order video
  • deal with at least one pile of papers in my living room
  • oh yes, and STUDY!

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