Tuesday, November 20, 2001

I'm back. I had a good conference in Denver--it snowed! But only a little one night. The rest of the days were brilliant blue skies. I want to write everything down--the sessions I attended; my conversations and observations; the people I met; and, of course, the books I browsed. But right now I'm tired and just want to curl up on my couch and watch Gilmore Girls when it comes on at 8:00.

As soon as I got back this afternoon, I cleaned up the bird feathers in my tub left over from my cat's feast. Somehow, while I was gone, she lost her collar with the bell and used her tactical advantage to sneak up on some poor bird.

Then I went to the grocery store where I had to park in a remote corner. I'm glad I didn't delay getting to the store. Already it was a shopping cart derby. I bought a 10 lb. fresh turkey and will try cooking my first turkey on Thursday. I think I'll follow Susie's instructions for roasting turkey. I already have a good cranberry sauce recipe.

After putting away the groceries, I washed my very dirty car, watered the lawn, and put out the rubbish bins.

Then I made dinner: mashed potatoes; pork chops seasoned with jerk sauce; steamed cauliflower; and applesauce. After eating out for four days straight, I was ready for good, plain, home-cooked food.

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