Monday, November 05, 2001

Remember, remember the Fifth of November....Link over to Susie's site to see her post about Guy Fawkes Day. I, too, grew up celebrating Guy Fawkes Day, although in the context of a former British colony. At boarding school, we'd build a big bonfire on the playground, complete with an effigy of poor Guy on top of it. At night, the headmaster would light the fire, and we'd all prance (no dancing allowed) around the bonfire in our pyjamas and dressing gowns. If fireworks were available, we'd have a fireworks show, too. We'd also light sparklers and then throw them up into a tall pine tree. It was an exciting event at our isolated boarding school wedged in the corner of Zambia between Angola and Zaire (now Congo, again). And because we celebrated Zambia's Independence Day (see Oct. 24 below) in the same way (sans the effigy), the end of October and beginning of November were highlights of the term.

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