Thursday, November 01, 2001

It's been a long three days since I last had a chance to post anything here. Tuesday I started grading essay exams at 7 AM. Forty-nine exams later I went to bed about 10 PM. My only break was to go for a long walk before it got dark. Wednesday I graded a few more, then typed up the notes I'd taken about each exam, reviewing each one in the process and adjusting the grade if I read it differently the second time around. Then I drove out to school for class. The professor let the class out early because it was Halloween and a full moon, too, for the first time in many years.

Today I was up early again to catch the carpool for work. At lunch we ventured out of the building to---Costco! This new office location is in the middle of tract housing, strip mall, and discount retail warehouse shopping heaven. In fact, our building is a converted warehouse. The former truck loading bays are now windows. I sit in the midst of a sea of cubicles. Since people I don't know walk by my desk all day, I don't visit many websites other than strictly work-related ones. So my posting-to-my-website-at-work phase was rather sort lived.

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