Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Today we experimented with arriving at work by 7:00 AM so we can leave at 4:00 PM. I don't mind getting up early, but already I've hit the late afternoon trough. Today at lunch we ventured out to the one bookstore in the area. It's one of those remainders/discount book warehouses. I bought a Sunset book about growing and using herbs.

In yesterday's column by Thomas Weber in the WSJ (paid subscription needed), Mr. Weber listed some sites devoted to reviews of digital cameras. I hope I'm not breaking any copyright laws by listing the sites here. Because I'm at work, I've not yet checked any of them, but, based on Mr. Weber's word, here they are:A quote from Mr. Weber's column:
For anyone about to plunk down hundreds of dollars on photographic equipment, these sites boast must-read material.

But they aren't just great resources. These sites are also remarkable for the way they're produced. They're mostly garage businesses, put together by a handful of people working out of basements and dens.

They aren't affiliated with any big media conglomerates or established photography magazines. Instead, in the best tradition of Internet publishing, they have given individuals a global voice.

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