Thursday, January 31, 2002

Fabric heaven

Today's lunchtime diversion was a trip to a mega fabric store stocked with what seemed to be sizable remnants and seconds from clothing manufacturers and who knows where else. Three large rooms were filled with fabric stacked on tables according to type: denim; lace tableclothes and curtains; fleece; wool ($3.99 a yard); upholstery material; decorator's fabric; cotton prints; flannel; velour with Lycra; Christmas prints; felt; and more. Reels of every imaginable kind of lace, bindings, rick-rack, ribbon, tassels, and more, were mounted along the walls almost up to the ceiling. I also found boxes filled with leather scraps, boxes of buttons, boxes of miscellaneous pieces of jewelry, boxes of beads. It made me wish I knew how to sew well. For example, I found a lovely brown plaid piece of wool for trousers.

Let's see if I can reconstruct the link path that led me to this discovery:

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