Saturday, January 12, 2002

Well, I had 18 items on my to-do list today and finished almost all of them. I feel quite accomplished. Such energy must be blamed on the weather. It was utterly gorgeous today, in the mid- to upper-70s. I had both my front door and my kitchen door open all day. It even made trying to translate this sentence tolerable:
Die durch Nachahmung der Nehemia-Denkschrift entstandene differenzierende Ähnlichkeit beider Erzählkomplexe ist Stilmittel, das die sachliche Zusammengehörigkeit, die Kohärenz des hier und dort, des hier ähnlich wie dort geschilderten Geschehens zur Darstellung bringen soll.
I never did figure it out completely....

So I went for a walk to clear my brain. Blooming right now are aloes with their orange-red stalks, jade plant with minature pinkish-white flowers, and camelias. Some people still have roses. I saw, or rather, heard first, a woodpecker high in a palm tree.

I washed and hung out to dry all my bedding. So now I will go sleep in a bed that smells like a summer's day.

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