Tuesday, January 15, 2002

My library books this week are....

In boarding school we wrote letters home every Sunday. The letters ended up being rather formulaic as a) the school routine was very predictable, and b) we were only allowed to write "happy" news home. One of the weekly topics was to list the library books we checked out. Thus, my library books are:

  • Creating Your Own Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap with Priscilla Hauser
  • Handmade Baby Clothes, by Lisbeth Perrone (for the nephew on the way)
  • Decorating with Fabric: A Design Workbook with More Than 200 Beautiful Projects to Sew for Your Home, by Donna Lang and Lucretia Robertson
  • Time Management for the Creative Person (see yesterday's post)
  • Step-by-Step Calligraphy: A Complete Guide With Creative Projects, by Susan Hufton
I have no hope of ever making the projects in the calligraphy book, but they are inspiring just to look at. I heard a report on the NewsHour about a new illustrated Bible being handwritten and illustrated. Go to the The Saint John's Bible website to see some gorgeous illustrations.

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