Monday, January 28, 2002

Quiet days

The last few days have been rather quiet. I don't remember one thing about Friday. On Saturday I did a little bit of cleaning. Yesterday was a long church day--the annual meeting, a bilingual service, and lunch. Then I made granola and started a three day process of marinating a piece of London Broil. I don't know much about cooking hunks of beef, so I thought I'd try marinating it so it's not so tough. Today I'm going to buckle down and actually study. I'm going out to school this afternoon to a Hebrew reading group. Afterwards, a couple friends and I are getting together for dinner. There aren't many women in my program, so the few of us who are in it try and stick together.

It rained hard most of yesterday and last night, but this morning it is bright and clear.

Oh yes, I remember Friday's highlight. I had lunch with some colleagues and one of our business partners. The business partner is one of those people who has lived an interesting life and is a fascinating storyteller, as well. I could have listened to his stories all afternoon.

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